Our work will never be done, but you can help us get more done in Pakistan & Kashmir

Elderly Day Centre Project

Our work will never be done, but you can help us get more done in Pakistan & Kashmir


PakTrust.org is a registered British Charity with Charity Number 1113301.


PakTrust.org was established as a direct result of the devastating earthquake in Pakistan and Kashmir in 2005. A group of London-based professional family members, friends, relatives and supporters were spurred into action by the earthquake. Our original mission was to provide emergency relief and assistance to the earthquake victims.


Since then, our mission has been to implement charitable projects in Pakistan and Kashmir. Our projects provide maximum value for money for those providing the funds, and maximum help to the people that need it the most.


PakTrust.org is a small charity, but in a short period of time with loyal support, we have successfully implemented many projects and schemes serving hundreds of thousands families.


Please take a few moments to check some of our current and past projects below. We hope you can support our efforts by donating or fundraising on our behalf – just click on any of the “Donate” buttons throughout the site and complete the actions on the Kindlink donation page.


We do not store your personal or credit card data on our website – this is securely managed entirely by KindLink, our digital platform partner and Stripe our credit card partner – so you can donate securely in complete confidence.


Finally, we would be very happy to work with you on your own unique personal projects. Contact us below and let’s start discussing right away.

Our work will never be done, but you can help us get more done in Pakistan & Kashmir


Give Hope Through Sadaqah, Zakat and Prayers

Our three current appeals allow you and us, together, to make life-saving or life-changing contributions to some of the poorest people in society. As matter of policy, where possible we endeavour to partner with existing non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Pakistan and Kashmir, ensuring we avoid setup costs associated with establishing local offices. This allows us to do what we do best – to help the maximum number of people with the minimum amount of funds. By doing this, we leverage existing local experience and infrastructure to benefit greater number of people in real need. This ensures your donations help the maximum number of people possible.

This appeal provides life-saving hospital equipment for KIRF Community Hospital Jatlan, a state of the art 70 bed Gynae & General Hospital serving population of more than 200,000 of 150 villages and hamlets of Mirpur, Bhimber, Jhelum and Gujrat districts.

The hospital is a lifeline to the local community and was established with refurbished equipment from UK as donations and has been excessively used with ongoing maintenance for the last 15 years. The equipment has become obsolete and beyond repair as spare parts are not available.

This appeal provides life-saving treatment to kidney patients, who without medical help would quite simply die. Imagine if that was you or your loved one! Unbearable to even think about.

We have partnered with Kashmir International Relief Fund (KIRF) at its KIRF Community Hospital Jatlan, Mirpur to provide dialysis machines and funds to provide this lifesaving kidney dialysis.

Watch Rahim Jung, a renowned TV presenter, make a Donate4Dialysis video appeal on our behalf.  Rahim beautifully explains how you can make a lasting impact to this live saving cause.

PakTrust.org aims to perform 1,000 life changing cataract surgeries this year in Pakistan & Kashmir, on top of the thousands we have already done, with our specialist partner POBTrust.

We deliver highly cost-effective and efficient Eye Camps jointly with POBTrust serving hundreds of under-privileged people. The benefits really are life-changing for the patient and their families.

Learn more about the EyeCanSee campaign to see how you really can make a life-changing difference to so many impoverished people in the region who go about their lives with difficulty due to poor or no eye sight.

Current Projects


PakTrust.org supports local schools and institutions to provide quality education for orphans and blind children, often the forgotten victims in poor households or communities. We provide vital support to these children so they can have better life opportunities.

My Project

As a small dynamic charity, PakTrust.org can help develop a unique project with you. Whether it is for Sadaqah Jariyah or perhaps a life-long ambition to help the poor in some way special to you – let us help bring your purpose to life. Just contact us at the bottom of this page to get things rolling.

Our work will never be done, but you can help us get more done in Pakistan & Kashmir

Past Projects

Earthquakes & Disasters

The Great Earthquake

Devastating earthquake in northern Pakistan & Azad Kashmir. We provided immediate truckloads of food and emergency aid, as well as donations and supported the provision surgical implants via PIMS (Pakistan Institute for Medical Sciences) Complex Hospital for effected children. We have provided 350+ patients (mostly earthquake affectees) with bespoke first generation artificial limbs.

Baluchistan Earthquake

When large natural disasters strike, food supply is one of the first things that is impacted. PakTrust.org sponsored a food camp for full whole month that provided cooked food for hundreds of families, arranged through our local partner Minhaj Welfare Association.

Jatlan/Mirpur Earthquake

Though a much smaller earthquake compared to others in the region, for the under-priviliged who lose everything, the affects can be the same as larger earthquakes. PakTrust.org provided immediate financial support to deserving poor families that were significantly impacted by the earthquake.

Our work will never be done, but you can help us get more done in Pakistan & Kashmir


Surgical Eye Camps

We take the gift of sight for granted. For the under priviliged, poor eyesight is a double-edged sword. Not only do they suffer from eye problems, they also have trouble with education, employment or marriage opportunities. PakTrust.org has sponsored 20+ surgical eye camps, treating 30,000+ patients, issuing 8,000+ prescription glasses, carrying out 4,000+ cataract surgeries as well as 100+ other specialist eye treatments.

Surgical Smiles Camps

PakTrust.org has sponsored hundreds of cleft lip, cleft palate, burns and scar reduction operations at these vital surgical smiles camps. These are often relatively small issues that affect the victims throughout their lives restricting education, employment and marriage opportunities. We have helped restore dignity to vulerable children and adults giving them a chance of a brighter future.

GP & Dispensary Service

When illness strikes, the poor often have no one to turn to, other than our Maker. Parents and family members face illnesses with utmost trepidation knowing their loved ones will suffer immensely without medical support. PakTrust.org has done its utmost to help 100,000+ patients through our GP & Dispensary Service, with over 80% provided free medicines.

Our work will never be done, but you can help us get more done in Pakistan & Kashmir

Food & Water

Flood Relief

PakTrust.org sponsored an emergency food camp during the holy month of Ramadan, partnering with Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) in Larkana and Nowshera. The food camps served cooked food twice a day for Sehri and Iftaar. PakTrust.org has established several of these camps during crises when food is in critically short supply.

Covid-19 Cash for Food Programme

Lockdowns across the world have been difficult for the poor. The situation is no different in Pakistan & Kashmir, where lock-downs have worsened the situation for such people who live hand to mouth. PakTrust.org provided cash for food to deserving families suffering hardships from the Covid situation.

Clean Drinking Water

PakTrust.org has distributed hundreds of the LifeStraw Family – Instant Microbiological Water Purifiers free of charge. These water purifiers require no electricity and no change of parts during its 3 year life. The purifiers supply clean water to a family of 5 for 3 years at a small cost just under £20, and absolutely amazing low cost for such a life-saving product.

Our work will never be done, but you can help us get more done in Pakistan & Kashmir


Orphans / Blind School

PakTrust.org has been a major financial sponsor to the AKAB School for Blind, Mirpur Azad Kashmir. We helped to build a state of the art school and residential complex for blind students, who are often the most vulnerable in society.

Sponsor an Orphan

It is hard enough living in poverty. Imagine being an orphan at the same time with no one to turn to. PakTrust.org helps sponsor such beautiful children which provides funds for food and education.

Vocational Training Centre

PakTrust.org has supported vulnerable destitute young women who were trained in design, cuttings and sewing techniques in 20 intakes, each cohort lasting 3 months. 60 Students were awarded a brand new hand sewing machine to start small businesses to ensure they could independently support themselves.

Our work will never be done, but you can help us get more done in Pakistan & Kashmir

Our Trustees

We have an established board of trustees, with life-long experience in philanthropy, setting direction & priorities, raising funds and guiding the day to day activities. Our trustees are donors also, contributing both extensive time and money to help the under-priviliged.

Sajid Ramzan – Founder & Chairman

A former banker who comes from a family of philanthropists. He is experienced in financial, governance, regulatory, fund raising, and change/project management.

Rashid Ali – Trustee

An established businessman and lifelong philanthropist and leads PakTrust Dialysis programme. Ex-Chairman of Kashmir International Relief Fund (KIRF).

Mohammed Ilyaas – Trustee

Has spent lifetime in voluntary work, supporting communities of Waltham Forest and across the globe. Also General Secretary of Waltham Forest Islamic Association (WFIA).

Ghulaam Hussain – Trustee

A retired businessman with lifelong commitment to voluntary work in Ilford, London and across the world. Also a Trustee of Ilford Islamic Centre.

Our work will never be done, but you can help us get more done in Pakistan & Kashmir

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    Our work will never be done, but you can help us get more done in Pakistan & Kashmir